“Foxcatching” in Breckenridge, CO

Tuesday morning I left Vail for Aspen on a curious whim. While naturally and architecturally aesthetic, I didn’t find Aspen very welcoming towards nomads. So after stocking up on some food I called another audible and moved onwards to Breckenridge. Driving through Independence Pass was stunning and exhilarating with its high cliffs and narrow roads.

‘I’d Climb That’ taken outside Aspen

After arriving in Breckenridge, my decision to move on from Aspen was quickly justified. The town was walkable, the parking was free, and the people were friendly.

I wandered around for a while and happened upon The Crown, a small coffee shop with a super rad vibe. But they closed before I could finish my work, so I wandered on over to Starbucks — an establishment I typically prefer not to frequent unless out of preferable options. It turned out to be a good move, though, because the barista with whom I was chatting alerted me to a family of foxes that live behind the building. Eager to try and catch a glimpse, I ran outside with my camera.

‘Fox Shack’ taken in Breckenridge

Not two minutes passed before the first fox lackadaisically walked right in front of me. I wasn’t prepared for that shot, but fortunately they weren’t done scampering around looking for food.

‘Dinner’ taken in Breckenridge

After Starbucks finally closed, I wandered around town in the dark trying to find my car. I took an unlit path and, in some surreal stupor, spotted an unfamiliar canine silhouette in the distance. The eerie shape, lit only by the faint moonlight, stood motionless and stared me down as I continued to approach. But I blinked and it was gone. Another fox, surely.

After an embarrassing amount of time, The White Buffalo was spotted at last. I found a perfect spot to sleep for the night and put myself to bed.

Woke up in Vail, CO.

Sleeping in Breckenridge, CO.

192 miles.

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